We often come across the pictures of beautiful living spaces, bed rooms, kitchen etc and think to have something like that one day in our own houses.
The key to an impressive home décor idea is not to get carried away and stick to a budget. Imagine the space with different, unique, budget friendly and sustainable items. With so many options, brands and new products in the market, it gets overwhelming to decide what to do.
Well worry not, we are here to give you useful tips and tricks to decorate your house just like the one in the pictures.
Less is more – as we mentioned above, it’s easy to get carried away but always remember the idea is to make the space bigger and spacious not to stack up as much as it can contain.
To get a clean and uplifting out comes it’s always better to keep it minimalistic, with a touch of pop colours with a unique art piece.

Invest on essentials – you wouldn’t want to spend all of your savings just to decorate your house, so stick to the essentials first a nice sofa for the living space and a statement piece to compliment the space. Try to create a balance between the colors and amount of space you have. Statement pieces are hard to forget and draws a lot of attention. So, with these items get ready for a whole lot of compliments.

Beauty is in the details – sometimes it’s the smalls things and details that can create wonders, so don’t forget to decorate the side tables and corners of the house. They instantly elevate the space and makes the area wholesome.
Use flower pots, decorative bottles or tea-light holders for these spaces. Its easily portable, just in case you have to need the area for something else.

Be practical – don’t pick put things that would require a lot of your time to clean or even set-up, you want your décor to give you peace and happiness not added stress in maintaining it.
Look for things that are multi-purpose, like trays, table wear etc. these are the things that you can use for decoration as well as for serving also. Think efficiently and thoroughly before making a purchase.


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