Top Three 2021 Trends In Modern Interior Decor


Authentic home decor ideas using Indian Handicrafts.

2020 have been a tough year for all, so much chaos and anxiety, but it has also helped us in many ways, be it spending time with family, follow ones passion, fall in love with nature or just take time to self. The lockdown made us all, to observe and transform our surroundings within the four walls.

So if you are anxious to redecorate your habitat or want to tweak a few things in your beautiful home, here are a few 2021 home decor trends, using Indian artefacts to give your house an exotic look and add some colour and warmth to your house.
While the Pantone colour of the year is Ultimate Grey, let's talk about the dome decor trends for 2021. 

1All things Vibrant - After such a depressing and caged year, rich and saturated colours are needed now more than ever. Go all out and infuse your house with bright ruby and sapphire hues, to earthy shades. Mix match your home with lively coloured painting to give it a pop and energy the surroundings. You can also use a mix of neutrals with solid colours to give some uniformity to the house.
Note - Vibrant colours helps to increase readability and legibility and also look trendy and stylish.


2. Touch of Nature - We all have found something unique and calming about nature, after such a crazy year. That had definitely reflected in the home decor trends of 2021.
The top trends include the notes of nature, to show warmth, coziness, comfort and safety. Make your interior as good as the natural exterior and replace your little showpieces to something green and nature related.
Note - Green represents tranquility, good luck and health.


3. Beat the Blues - We have all experienced the Monday blues, but this year let's beat the darkness with rich deep hues of blue. The subtle blue will create a bright and extraordinary volume to the room, will also help in lightening the mood and creating a soothing environment. 
Note - Blue instils peace, tranquillity, calmness and serenity, helping to reduce anxiety and aggression.



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