5 Misconceptions About Handicraft Items

 Unraveling the myths about Indian Handicrafts.

Do we value craftsmanship anymore?

This is the question you should ask yourself, everytime you shop.

The Indian handicraft industry has grown dramatically and the demand for Indian handmade products has increased drastically in the foreign and Indian markets. The Indian artisans are creating affordable and unique products every passing day.

But, apart from the rise of Indian artifacts, handicrafts have lots of misconceptions. Let us reveal some of the major myths about handicrafts that make people not buy handmade products. 

  1. Handicraft items are old-fashioned: We beg to differ. Indian artisans are growing so much nowadays and not just in their techniques but also in their design elements.

The demand in the foreign markets have opened up their horizon so much, the artists are now getting inspired from all across the world and inventing beautiful artifacts in their own style and keeping up the trends. Be it from kutch mud wall paintings to outstandingly constructed tissue boxes.


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  1. Handcrafted items are not sustainable: Goods made by artisans are of better quality than any brand. Firstly, raw materials sourced by the artisan are from authentic and original places; result being, use of pure materials. Secondly, handicrafts are not machine made items, it requires skills and perfection to make them amazingly imperfect and the techniques have been passed on from generation to generation, the process of crafting and creating requires natural and renewable resources. Hence, the products are long lasting and sustainable.

  2. Handicrafts products are not authentic: Well, we don’t deny that some of them do sell fake handmade products online, in the name of originality and authenticity. But Indiafad brings you 100% authentic items, straight from the artisans.
  3. The only way to identify a handmade product is its imperfections. If the product is perfect, the chances are it’s machine made. That's the thing about handicrafts, beauty is not flawless, it shines through the flaws.

  4. Handicraft items are not for unique occasions or gifts: Handmade products are the best gifting options, they show the sincerity and devotion of your thoughtfulness.
  5. There is always scope of customization and personalisation, when ordering or buying handmade products. Perfect for special occasions like weddings, housewarming parties or even Diwali.


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  6. Handmade products are unnecessarily expensive: Machine made products have a justified price, but when it comes to handmade products, we often tend to forget the hard labour of the artisans. When you buy a handicraft item it’s not just a beautiful home decor item, it is a reflection of the nation, artisan’s culture, love, skills and labour. Hence, It is hard to put a price on a priceless item.

  7. Nonetheless, Indiafad brings you home decor and handloom products at affordable prices. The products are rare and unique in their own way and you might not get it on any other platform.


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