4 Interesting Facts About Indian Handicrafts

Fascinating Indian Handicrafts facts that will blow your mind.

India is known for its rich culture and heritage, the Indian handicraft industry goes back to the oldest civilization in the whole world. Most people would agree that Indian artefacts are among the best pieces of art there is.

Wood, stone, bamboo, terracotta, mud, glass, metal, there's nothing that India has failed to ace when it comes to handicrafts. But do we really care about the uncertain facts about the Indian handicrafts and the artists?

Let’s turn the tables today and deep dive into some interesting factors and why it is valued all around the world.

Dhokra art of chhattisgarh - Dhokra, an art from ancient history. The roots go back to Mohenjo-Daro and Harappan Civilization, a craft with it’s own emotional and spiritual value with many beautiful stories hidden behind the creation and it’s creator.

The craft is made with brass metal, giving it an antique look. The technique used is called lost wax technique. It is the oldest metal art form technique used wax to carve fine designs.

Also, the ‘Dancing Girl’ of Mohen-jo-Daro is one of the inventions of Dhokra art found in the era of 6000 BCE.


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Madhubani art of Bihar - By far the most famous art from India, it is the depiction of the creator's attachment towards nature and it’s beauty. Madhubani was developed in Mithila region, a form of traditional paintings using natural objects like, sun, moon, trees, religious plants etc.

A 2500-year old art, is said to be dated back to the Rayaman times. The art was initially used for royalties for adorning their palaces and clothes on special occasions. 


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Lippan art of Kutch - When you talk about rich culture and traditions in India, Gujarat is the state that comes to mind without thinking. Kutch; a city in Gujarat, famous for a great range of ethnic communities, handicrafts, art, embroidery, pottery, mirror work and much more. 

Kutchi mud work/Lippan art is a traditional art form famously done in Kutch for centuries. This artform was done on walls and houses in the ancient times, the artisans had made it portable, to spread it all across the world and elevate the walls.


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Handloom of Andhra Pradesh - India has always been making high quality handlooms with extraordinary skills and craftsmanship. Dating back to the 18th century, through several pieces of evidence, handloom textiles are the oldest when it comes to arts and crafts.

It was adopted by the Aryan settlers for weaving of cotton and wool and followed by adorning it with dyes and embroideries. Even till date Indian handloom has the highest demand in the world for its pure and outstanding quality.


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