3 Things You Should Know About Women Artists


A daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, but never her!

We often acknowledge a woman by the title she has earned in life, we tend to forget that she has her own identity as well. Even after all of that, a woman never holds herself back and comes back stronger.

She at times forgets about her dreams and ambitions to help and uplift her loved ones. She silently overcomes every hurdle and never questions as to why and what, not just this even after everything she never forgets who she wants to be!

Women have always taken part in arts and crafts in India throughout history. Textiles and fibre art have always been famous among women but pottery, painting and in many other fields, women have faced gender biases in the mainstream.

Here are a few things that you should know about the women artists in India:

Women as a painter: A life at home with family is considered to be an ideal life for a woman. Yet they balance their personal and professional life perfectly.

Women have often expressed their feelings and expressions through paintings and murals, be it her own reflection as a mother or showing her spiritual values by creating Radha Krishna paintings or just something that inspires her in everyday life.


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Women as an Inspiration: Women have always been a source of inspiration even for the male artists, be it in the form of a dancing woman figurine, as a goddess or as a life giver. Indian women are considered to be exotic internationally and in the era of women power, a lot of them are shining in the world.

Women as modern creators: Women are not afraid to try new and different mediums in today's world. Being at home, they are unfolding and unleashing the talent that they feel is in them. For instance, resin art came to India just a few years back and women artists are at it. They are creating beautiful and distinct pieces out of it.

And not resin, women are coming forward in all types of arts and crafts like, painting, sculptures, andala art, handloom, weaving etc.


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